For attorneys seeking referrals:

Be mindful, there is a $25 annual fee for each category selected and malpractice coverage is required. Please make checks payable to "BCBA Referral Service". We will contact you if your profile fits a request for legal services.

For those seeking an attorney:

The Lawyer Referral service is a service designed to assist the public in locating lawyers for their particular legal situation. The service makes referrals to many areas of law. We will consider your specific legal problem, as well as your location and other requirements in order to make the most appropriate and convenient referral. Referrals are usually made to an attorney who practices in the specific area of expertise requested. To enable our staff to provide you with effective assistance, please be prepared to explain your legal problem. 

After a brief consultation with a lawyer, clients determine if they would like to hire the lawyer at the lawyer's regular fees. For some cases, such as those involving personal injury, the lawyer may agree to take your case on a contingency fee basis, in which case no legal fee is paid unless and until you win the case. There is no obligation to retain the lawyer to whom you are referred. 

For more information, please contact us.

Members, please use this form to apprise of your interest in referrals. You also may download and mail this application.

  1. For each referred case on which you receive a fee, there will be paid, after the first $100.00 received towards fees, an amount equal to ten (10%) percent of the fees generated by the referred case.

  2. Each member agrees to hold the Barnstable County Bar Association harmless and indemnify the Association from any claims arising out of a referred case.

  3. By selecting category Six (6) you certify that you have completed a minimum of 30 hrs. of mediation training.

  4. When submitting payment, please also submit proof of insurance coverage.

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Pro Bono *
I am willing and hereby undertake the responsibility to accept at least two (2) pro bono cases this coming year.
Lawyer of the Day *
I am presently serving or will agree to serve in the Lawyer of the Day Program.
Discipline *
Have you been disciplined by the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers or a disciplinary authority of another jurisdiction at any time during the past year?
Insurance *
Do you carry malpractice liability insurance of a least $250,000/$500,000?
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There is a $25 annual fee per category.